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Yiwu e-commerce development index today officially released
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Zhejiang online 04, 11, April 11th, Yiwu e-commerce development index in the 2016 world e-commerce conference officially released. It is understood that Yiwu e-commerce development index is by the Yiwu Municipal Government commissioned by the national Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute to study the preparation of the world's first comprehensive measure of a monthly index of regional e-commerce development dynamic, is approved by the National Bureau of statistics of the first national county electric business data using statistical pilot one of the main content.

In recent years, Yiwu vigorously promote "change city" strategy, encouraging public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples', through the development of electronic commerce drive the convergence of online and offline market, promote foreign trade circulation, drive relevant industry development and growth and market transformation and upgrading. 2015 Yiwu e-commerce market to maintain rapid growth, e-commerce transactions amounted to 151 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 31%. Domestic e-commerce courier shipments of 1 million 460 thousand tickets, an increase of 54%, cross-border e-commerce courier shipments of 450 thousand tickets, an increase of 29%.

Ali Research Institute data show that in 2015 in Yiwu City in the 25 Taobao village cluster ranked first (with 37 villages Taobao, the number of ranking first in the country), the online business is the most active is the county-level cities, three indicators of domestic network operators density, retail network density, online shopping consumer density in the county (city) are ranked first. With the rapid development of electronic commerce, it is urgent to need a "barometer" to reflect its development status, to monitor the changes and operation characteristics of the electronic commerce market, to summarize the development rules, to reveal the problems and risks.

Yiwu e-commerce development index is a monthly comprehensive evaluation index, consisting of a total index and five classification index. Index of total respectively by the environment, integrity, dynamic, growth, the contribution of five sub indexes generation, design base period value is 100. The total index according to the monthly comprehensive reflection of changes in the overall development of the electronic commerce in Yiwu City, business environment index, integrity index, active index, growth index and contribution index respectively from five dimensions reflect the development of electronic commerce, Yiwu City, internal and external environment, business management main body of honesty and trustworthiness in, transaction size and frequency, growth rate and structure and the contribution degree to economic and social development. In index selection according to comprehensive and representative combination, combination of independence and difference, scientificity and rationality of combining, feasibility and flexibility principle of combining, by 48 basic indicators together to build a more perfect monitoring index system.

At the end of 2015, Yiwu e-commerce development index closed at 109.88 points, up 9.88% in September 2015 compared with the base level. From the fourth quarter of last year, the operation situation, the factors of industry and vacation of Yiwu 9-12 month electricity supplier development impact is larger, the five categories of the index trend is: environmental index steadily high, integrity index is generally stable, active index Yang after the first steady, growth index volatility Yang, with high index of operation.

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